DtP Concept

DtP is the abbreviation of Donation-to-Profit concept. An idea that first allow to make a donation for a good cause and obtain an economical profit from it.

Help to contain the Ebola

The Sierra Leone Liberty Group is currently raising funds and accepting Bitcoin as a payment method in order to help contain the Ebola virus. Part of the EBS ISO funds will be directly destinated on it.

Free distribution

2% of the coin (42.000 EbolaShares) will be free offered to the bitcointalk community.

You can locate the instructions to participate in our bitcointalk thread

  • Algorithm and specs

    Pure PoS - Attractive last generation wallet. Smaller and secure coin.

    2100000 total coins, 2% free giveaway, 60 seconds per block. 100% anual PoS interest

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  • Proof of Stake

    Proof of Stake is a proposed alternative to Proof of Work. Like proof of work, proof of stake provides a mechanism for determining who signs bitcoin transactions.

    Your earnings are based upon the number of coins you stake, you "hold".

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